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InfoData Solutions – data and planning systems

InfoData Solutions develops and implements data and planning systems (small scale) for demand-responsive transport and public transport. All systems are web-based (via the Internet), flexible and user-friendly. By focusing on specific customer needs, InfoData Solutions’ applications contribute to the highest quality and most efficient transport systems possible.

Developing mobility

After years of very few important developments in the mobility sector, there have been significant changes recently. Due to the impact of cuts in funding, public transport facilities in more rural areas and at off-peak hours have decreased significantly. Moreover, there is a call towards more self-reliance with the intention that the number of travelers in the 'transport target groups’ does not increase further. As a result, we see an ever-increasing call for more demand-responsive fulfillment of mobility needs.

There are more and more transport systems, large and small, public and private, which respond to the desire to give mobility a (more) demand-driven and integrated (inclusive) character. The major drivers are to offer (public) transport services at acceptable costs and which fulfill the community’s desire to make public facilities, such as public transport, available to as many people as possible.

Organizing mobility

Provinces, local authorities and cooperating municipalities are responding to this with a different, more demand-responsive approach to mobility. We think that accessible and usable (public) transport with a fundamentally different conceptual approach to the demand for mobility is possible everywhere. Not building on existing systems and patterns, but from the goals we want to achieve: integrated and inclusive public transport with minimum thresholds.

Software support

InfoData Solutions has developed various systems that support the new structure of the demand for mobility, such as the Dynamic Trip and Route Planner to calculate optimal planning for demand-responsive transport, the Group Transport Planner and a fully Integrated Management System for Demand-responsive Public Transport. For the design of the back-office, we have our Data Portal (real-time data collection and storage), Transportation Management System (monitoring group transport) and the Complaints Management System.


Our clients are governments (provincial, regional cooperative associations and municipalities), private control centers (Rivierenland, Noord-Veluwe) and transporters. We provide customized services to all clients. No transport concept is the same. In order for travel and journey advice, planning, management, analysis and reporting to run smoothly, we adjust the scope to the specific needs of the client and details of the specific transport systems.

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