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About us

About us

InfoData Solutions (IDS) was established in 2007. We specialize in the development and realization of web based data, planning and integrated control systems for demand-responsive (public) transport and group transport. Think regional shared taxi systems, WMO transport, paratransit, as well as school and worker transport. IDS also supplies the integrated management software for the successful public transport system on Texel island ("Texelhopper").

Knowledge and experience in demand-responsive transport

InfoData Solutions has extensive experience in both the direction and implementation of demand-responsive transport. This knowledge and experience are the basis of our information technology operations and applications. In consultation with the client, we create a customized system that meets all specific requirements. Our applications can be easily linked to the small-scale software and data acquisition equipment from other vendors used in the transport industry.

Small-scale and client oriented

We are a professional, small business and therefore extremely client-centered. Enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial spirit drive our company in order to achieve, together with our clients, results and successes.


Instead of waiting for developments in the area of mobility, we take the initiative to develop new concepts ourselves. Texelhopper, the demand-responsive public transport system on Texel is one example. The underlying logistics concept was invented by IDS. At present we are looking for opportunities to test this concept in other regions and in urban areas. We ask interested parties (municipalities, urban transporters) to contact our affiliate consulting firm and managing company RegieCentraal BV (